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My name is Frank Rohenes, I am the owner of this franchise. I will be the one taking care of your digital marketing needs; however, the technical work will be done by our team of experts.
PinPoint Local Miramar is here and ready to help you get more customers.

I studied Computer Science and worked as a computer programmer and consultant for more than nine years. I also studied Internet marketing strategies and worked on Internet-related jobs for several years building and maintaining WordPress websites.

I moved to Miami, Florida in 1979 and from there to Broward County, Florida where I have been living since 1985. I am a small business owner in this area. My main interests in life are mental and physical health, sports, computer programming and internet marketing.

I have always been an athlete; I was a college soccer player, later on, I switched to tennis. I play tennis and pickleball on a regular basis. I have worked as a tennis and pickleball instructor since 2015. I teach clinics on these sports.

I am aware of the critical role that my thoughts, feelings, and visualizations play in my life circumstances and wellbeing. I practice meditation, visualization and being in the present moment. I will be the one in direct contact with you, coordinating every step of the job, however, as mentioned before, behind me is a vastly experienced team that will be doing the technical work.

They have more than 15 years of experience building websites and are at the forefront of Search Engine Optimization and other areas of digital marketing.

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  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Premium Hosting​

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