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I have lived in Maryland for a total of 10 years. In Baltimore for 6 of those years. Throughout my life, my family and I have visited the inner harbor of Baltimore annually. In Maryland, I have conducted community service and worked in UPS delivery services, and as a Nurse in the home-care industry. This has helped me understand and care about the hopes and struggles of the people who live here.

On the business end, I have engaged in various small businesses off and on since 1986. I have experience building websites for my various business ventures using WordPress and other popular platforms, optimized with SEO, managed websites via cpanel, used most of the major domain services, and internet marketing since 1991. Yes, I have watched some of my websites rank within the top five on major search engines. In a nutshell, I am not a new kid on the block. I love business development and seeing businesses prosper around me. Why, because it helps quality of living for local neighborhoods and communities.
I have a soft spot for the small brick and mortar, Mom and Pop businesses. I am always, actively looking, and trying to support such businesses. In my experience, such businesses usually offer the best quality for the best value. Baltimore is full of such businesses.
My favorite part about Baltimore and Maryland, in general, is all of the variety of communities that make it the “Charm City”. The food such as Blue Crab, Oysters, Pit Beef, Pulled Pork, Bacon this and Bacon that, Rock Fish, Craft Beers, Kabobs, Middle Eastern, Indonesian, African, Greek, Italian, South American, Mexican, Asian cuisine. Experiencing the marinas, the sail boats, the boatmen, the water ways, the kayak options, the fishing and crabbing spots. Baltimore is a well established, busy city, full of life and multicultural residency.

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