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I have lived in this area for 5 years. Once I learned that 80% of employers in this country are small business owners, I made it my mission to patronize them, help them and spread the word about them because we literally can’t survive without them. I too am a small business, so I get it.

Then, I put my money where my mouth was. I started a Facebook Group so we could find each other. I do Google Reviews and regularly create posts to spread the word about the gems I find in my local area groups. NOTHING beats word of mouth, of course, but small businesses need as much help as their larger counterparts. That’s why I decided to invest my money into the PinPointLocal.com franchise.

Small businesses don’t have the budget that larger businesses have. Our prices are very competitive, but that’s not the important part. The important part is communication. I want to learn about you and your business and your pain points. All businesses have them. Want to grow? Need more leads? Are you spending your budget on advertising that isn’t working for you? Do you even KNOW whether it works? In short, I want you to help me help YOU. If we don’t work together, that’s okay with me, but I’m looking to build long-term relationships and I will actually SHOW you what’s working and what’s not.

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