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Over 20 years. My wife and I moved to Tracy in 1985 and launched our first internet ecommerce store (CyberSales2000.com) in 1999. I was working for an internet service provider in Walnut Creek when the internet “”bubble”” burst back in 2001. Work in the internet space got pretty lean for awhile.

I have personally launched and ranked dozens of Websites over the years but my greatest technical and marketing experience began when I joined (and eventually bought) a home inspection company in 2004. Staying ahead of the ever changing search engine algorithms required sheer determination but it was my failure to keep ahead of the many security changes that nearly tanked the site. Thank goodness I knew some really smart people who helped me bring it back from the edge of the digital abyss. I knew then it was time to join a team that would keep that from ever happening again.

Keeping a site lean and powerful is not for amateurs anymore.

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