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I love teaching. I have spent many years of my life doing so in different fields like: Sciences, Yoga, Scuba Diving and English.
Mother of two, Mexican born. I became a proud Canadian citizen in 2017. I have lived in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. I live together with my husband and two kids in Edmonton, Alberta.
I come from a scientific background, former Biologist, specialized in Deep Sea Ecology with postgraduate studies in Environmental Biotechnology in Sweden.
Entrepreneurship is something that was first planted in my consciousness in college. I went to a college which mission was specifically to form Entrepreneurs.
I have owned and operated restaurants and small business which I have created out of need every time I have moved from one country to another.
Around the year 2012, I decided to take a second career. I enrolled in several training programs for online marketing. I got my start selling digital products and software.
Today, I feel happy because PinPoint Local | Northern Web Marketing are the result of all those years of learning materialized in concrete and applied reality.
Thank you for being around!

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