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After working in finance for over 20 years, we understand that people can’t make important decisions if they are confused. We prided ourselves on being able to make complex subjects very simple and easy to understand for our clients so that they could make the best decision for their family. When we turned our focus to helping local business owners grow their businesses through digital marketing, we took the same approach because this subject can be just as, if not more, confusing because of the rapidly changing technical landscape.

We keep things very simple and easy to understand and spend as much time as needed to make sure our clients feel comfortable each step of the way.

We are transparent and are willing to meet clients ‘face to face’ when needed rather than only relying on the phone and email.

We know the area and understand the needs of local businesses. We are aware of the growth of competitors and can keep our clients ahead of the curve. Since we are local, we can respond quickly and maintain a strong communication channel. We have local connections which we can use to benefit our clients as well.

We are the right size agency for the local community. Most national agencies are focused on working with very large clients who have massive budgets but we understand that local businesses are working with smaller budgets so we strive to offer services the provide the greatest return on their investment.

I care about the local businesses because I have lived in the community for over 8 years and volunteer my time for various programs. The businesses are not just businesses to us- they are people that we know, with families that have grown alongside my own.


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