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My name is Frank Rohenes. I have been living in South Florida since 1979. I studied Computer Science in Colombia, my native country, and worked as a computer programmer and computer consultant for more than nine years.

I have done Internet-related jobs and have studied Internet marketing strategies. I have built and maintained several WordPress websites.

My main interests in life are health, sports, computers and internet marketing. I love computer programming. Lately, I have been learning how to program in Python.

I have always been an athlete; I was a college soccer player, later on, I switched to tennis. After I moved to the United States, I continued being athletic. I play tennis and pickleball on a regular basis. I have worked as a tennis and pickleball instructor since 2015. I teach clinics on these sports 4 times a week.

My spiritual belief is metaphysical. I am aware of the critical role that my thoughts, feelings, and visualizations play in my life circumstances and wellbeing. I take the time every morning to practice meditation, visualization and being in the present moment.

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