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Hi, my name is Jamie and I have lived in Worcestershire most of my life and enjoy being in this part of the country. I have been involved and have experience with websites for over 15 years and it’s amazing how much they have changed and developed. The pace of technology is rapidly moving forward and improving putting increasing pressure on businesses to keep up.

I also have my own retail store with a fully functional on-line shopping facility which I have owned and managed for 21 years. I remember our first web-site which was just a page with what was basically our address details with a few pictures. My present day website has over 7,000 items logged and ready to sell with video content, competitions, blog and social media and much more and I am still learning and making improvements, it is so important to keep fine tuning every aspect of your business.

Today almost every customer will try and find you and your business via search engines or look you up to see if you have a website. I know I do! and I am sure you do too? This is generally the first port of call and if you don’t have an on-line presence it could mean that they will choose another company resulting in loss of business and much needed revenue. It is your own advertisement!
Not only that, if you do have a website and it is out of date or difficult to navigate and understand this can also be detrimental to your success.

I have used many different website companies over the years and spent tens of thousands of pounds with much frustration which drove me to start building them myself and this I believe, has given me the insight and experience to offer my customers a service above and beyond that will make sure your business needs are be met in the best possible way. I can create a website that is fast mobile friendly interactive and easy to navigate. Don’t let your business get left behind to play catch up, it just gets harder and harder, take my word for it!

As a business owner you are the expert at what you do and you need as much exposure as possible. It is the window to your business and a website can provide your customer with so much information that they wouldn’t normally find out about you. I can help you take advantage of the technology on offer to promote your business in the best possible light. Believe me it is really important, in my experience I realised that my website needed to be even better than my physical store to drive customers to me.

With my understanding, I can help you and your business leaving you much valuable time to get on with what you do best. It really is worth the investment and I want to help you take your business to to the next level! Your happiness is my happiness, I am very happy to discuss your requirements please give me a call.

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